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where does the string ground wire attach to the bridge or tailpiece?

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Should be at the bottom of the post hole. There should be a small hole leading up from the control cavity to the bottom of the bridge or tail piece post hole and the wire sits there.

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If the wire is broken or missing, you must pull out the tailpiece post threaded insert nearest the control cavity. As Hyper notes there should be a small "sneak" hole from that post hole over to the control cavity -- maybe with bare wire or broken bare wire in it. Get a replacement piece of bare (no insulation, no enamal) wire, thread it from control cavity through the sneak hole to the post insert hole, and bend it down into the post insert hole. IIRC there should be about 1/4 inch of the wire extending into the insert hole; make sure it only lies along the side of the hole and doesn't extend past the bottom of the hole when bent down. Re-insert the threaded post insert so it contacts the wire when re-inserted. It should be snug -- maybe more snug with the wire now in place. In the control cavity, solder the other end of the wire to your common grounding point -- ususally the back of one of the pots.

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