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Odd warbling / ringing of strings

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I originally thought it was maybe the frets so I leveled them and all that jazz but it’s still making his weird kind of “wobbling” almost like I have a tremolo effect on the guitar.

I have done everything, Replaced the nut, adjusted the truss rod, intonated it, adjusted the action, lightly sanded the saddles, got a new fender bridge, got a new spring claw and springs, put foam pieces under the springs, and the strings behind the nut, changed string gauge, and I even leveled the frets, re dressed them, re crowned them, and polished them. And I've lowered the pickups.

I need to get this guitar fixed ASAP and I am stumped. Help me please!

Here's a video of the sound with and without distortion:

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Sounds almost like one or more of the pickups are physically vibrating against the pickguard. Try physically holding the pickups down with your fingertips on the adjustment screws while plucking a note; see if it's one or more of them. If so, temporarily put a little white electrical tape over the screws and the edges of the pickups and see if that helps.

Let us know how it goes :)