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Old harmony with no torque rod  


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26/09/2012 3:52 pm  

I have an old harmony I am trying to bring back to playing shape. It has no torque rod, and the saddle seems to be glued to the bridge.

I need to drastically lower the action but I can not remove the saddle to shave it down. And why doesn't it have a torque rod.

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26/09/2012 4:12 pm  

Normaly some heat or steam will loosen the glue depending on what kind they used to glue it in. As for the truss rod... a lot of the older guitars didnt have them, and some that did, they were not adjustable. If you dont have enough sadle to sand down to make a diference... sadly it might need a neck reset. Maybe the sadle lowerd, and some lighter string might help though. Good luck!!

Paul B

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26/09/2012 4:55 pm  

Many of those old guitars were "steel reinforced" with non adjustable rods. They jut weren't expected to survive this long I would think. If the saddle is glued down I would probably chisel it out carefully and replace it. Steam is tough to localize and you wouldn't want to warp or relieve anything you didn't intend to - like the bridge plate, that could be a major pain. Get a good sharp 1/4 inch chisel and take it down along its length. Chances are it will pop off during the operation.