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Paint Jobs

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Ok i have a dumb ?. I have a b.c. rich warlock and a fender stratocaster and im getting ready to buy a jackson dinky

on two of the guitars i want a logo on the back here are the 2 i want "Bad Medicine" like richie samobora had on his, then i want "were not gonna take it" like j.j. has

which would u pit on the strat and which on the dinky, what color, how do i het this done, how much?

any help would be much appreciated

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I'm sorry, but I really don't know what you're asking. The title of your post is "paint jobs", but you seem to be asking how to apply a logo? Are you painting the guitars first, or just seeking advice on the logos?

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Does it matter which logo goes on which? If it does then you probably know the answer to which goes where.

As for what color. A color different than that of the guitar. black on white, white on black, white on blue. what color guitars do you have?

How? Computer graphics, create stencil, spray paint, clear coat, let cure for a few weeks, buff out. Just a few bucks if you do it yourself. There is a website (or a few websites) that will teach you how to paint a guitar. Just look for 'em.


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do yourself a favour mate and dont paint the logos on!!

you'll damage the value of the guitars.

if you absolutely must have these logos on then find a company who deal with vinyl stickers and get them lasercut, these are fairely easy to remove if need be.

if you want it more permanant dont strip the paint, you could try using a dry rub transfer and a thin coat of laquer over the top of it, google for a company selling dry rub transfer sheets you can print on, these do not react with most laquers as far as im aware

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