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Pickup wires come o...
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Pickup wires come off pickup

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So i'm trying to put a new pickguard and pickup covers on mycrappy sunn mustang i bought a month back to make it look slightly more presentable.

I managed to get the other two pickup covers off even though there was loads of wax/glue, but when i was pulling the last one out the wires came off of it ;/

Is there a way to attach it back to the pickup or is it done?

I Appreciate any help thank you.

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From the picture showing the other pickup it looks like the leads were soldered directly to the pickup coil (as opposed to having a connection point on the flatwork/pickup base), possibly under the tape. Though it seems a bit odd in that case that there isn't any pickup wire pulled off with the leads. The shot from the side is a bit too blurred to tell, but it looks like there might be some of the white wire left on it (right hand side). If you can find the points they were soldered too then you've got a hope of soldering it back on. If not (or if you break the coil wire taking the tape off) it's game over (or at least, re-winding pickup time, which is not a fun game).

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Not a crappy guitar at all. I would try getting the rest of the wax off the surface - usually easy as I would rewind it but I'm guessing you're going to want to attached the leads with as little effort as possible, ie saving the coil. I'd warm it in the oven starting @ about 150f (60c? I don't feel like doing the actual conversion) and trying to brush off the warm pot wax with some alcohol (it does help most problems). The wire is insulated to at least 200c so not to worry there. Get the wax back where you can get the two ends of the coil free with at least 2.5 inches of play. Soildoring the leads back is fairly straight forward from there, I could certainly help. Should be noted that I have never removed the wax with the intention to re-lead a pick up, generally single coils have eyelets that simplify finding a live connection to offer the hook up wire, but there is no reason this shouldn't work or further damage to mags, bobbin or coil.