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Pickups from New American Strat

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I have a MIM Strat made in 96 with original pickups, and am thinking of replacing the pickups. I can get some pickups off ebay from a new American Strat for a decent price. They come with the newer Delta Tone POT's. Are these decent pickups? The MIM's pickups aren't that great.
Fender's site Doesn't say whether the new Strat pickups are the Alnico Noiseless,

Would these pickups be good improvement for my MIM strat?


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absolutely. they would be a huge improvement. those Deltas are awesome sounding.

the noiseless pickups are different. they are built like an oreo cookie; something in between separates the two halves so they dont hum.

I havent listened to those.
but the Deltas and those pots..ya. go for it.