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play w/toggle switch

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how can i get the flick and weird sound "toggling" the selector switch ?(this sound appears at songs like: know your enemy - rage against the machine, show me how to live...etc..)

i mean: i need a special amp or pedal efx?, i need a guitar whit more than two pick ups?, o may be i need a new switch whit three more or less positions?, or i must change my guitar?

thanks for your help and sorry for my english

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I think you mean the effect that is in the intro of "Know your enemy"?

I know one way to get that is an effect called a slicer. I have that on my Boss GT-6 and it is called a "slicer". I thought maybe they use an effect because the timing in the intro seems really like clockwork. but there is another part in the song, the solo near the end between the "I got no patience now" part and the "all of which are american dreams" part, where it seems more like it is being done manually.

The way you can do it manually is if you have a guitar with two pickups and seperate volume controls for each pickup. you can turn the volume all the way off on one of the pickups and flick the pickup selector switch back and forth between the active pickup and the silent one.

There are probably other ways to get that effect too, Other's might have other ideas. You can probably get it without a multi-effect pedal like the gt-6. I think some BOSS flanger pedal does it in addition to being a flanger.

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I think he's talking about the little blippy sound you can get by switching between the pickups. I've seen Page use that technique on the Zeppelin DVD.


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Its also used in Garden, off Pearl Jam's Ten album, I find it works best with reverb, chorus, and distortion. Turn off one pickup(if you have a Les paul wiring style, if you don't then I'm not sure how to do it) and then just flick the switch like theres no tomorrow.

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You could also use an Auto-Wah for creating that effect.


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If you have a guitar that has only one volume control but multiple tone controls (like a strat or like the guitar i have), I've found that keeping one tone knob on 10 and another one to 0, you will get that same sort of sound when switching back and forth between the pickups. I'm sure if you bought a tremelo pedal you could get practically the same sound too.