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this may be in the wrong section but ... about a week ago i bought a fairly expensive Gretsch guitar and it had some fret buzz. i took it into the shop and the person said that they would need to adjust the truss rod because the weather we have been having may have warped the neck ... she made it sound like a pretty routine procedure.. so i left it for them to adjust and i guess my question is did i buy a bad guitar or is does this happen to alot of people? and will them adjusting my truss rod hurt my guitar at all? the guitar is a Gretsch Electromatic Projet and it cost aroun $500

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Truss rod adjustment definitely is routine. It's adjustable for the very reason that the wood in the neck is affected by environmental factors such as temp and humidity, and changes shape slightly in response to these. So occasionally the truss rod tension may need tweaking to adjust the relief (the slight and very normal forward bow in the neck) for optimal tone (getting buzz-free) and playability.

As it's a new guitar, they should be doing this free of charge. The shop should have checked the action -- including the relief -- when you purchased it, and made any needed adjustments then. If -- and the chance is small -- your guitar has warped neck that cannot be put back in shape by adjusting the truss rad, the shop should replace this guitar.

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