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Question about guitar purchase

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Hi, I recently got a Schecter Ultra III from Amazon. The guitar looks great except for the top and bottom pick guards (I may not be using the right term, the Ultra III has a ... unique design). They're both scratched and scuffed, and they're not easily replaceable like most pick guards. Should I return the guitar for an exchange? Or is this normal? I wouldn't mind if I it weren't so expensive.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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This is totally your call depending on how you feel about it. Understand that you're going to be putting in tons of your own scuffs and scrapes on the pickguard yourself, so it may not be that big a deal.

One other thing - a lot of new guitars come with the pickguards wrapped in a fine sheet of clear plastic coating, which often appears scuffed. That may not be the case with your purchase. I've never bought a Schecter before so I can't tell you from personal experience, but I can tell you that many of my students and other players I know don't always realize that this extra coating is there when they buy a guitar.

Regardless of what you choose to do, the manufacturer (and Amazon) should be able to accommodate your desires.

Hope this helps and also hope you get to playing your new guitar soon. Good luck!

And welcome to Guitar Noise, by the way. Looking forward to seeing you around on the Forum pages.


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I had to google the model because I have never heard of it before. Cool looking guitar. looks a lot like the old Tesco's from back in the 60's. I have to second what David said. Check for the plastic covering first. If that's not the case, Its pretty much up to you. Do you like the way it plays/sounds?? What are your plans for it? if your a player, that's going to put many, many hours behind the fret board on it, and like how it sound/plays I would keep it. Buying a guitar on line can be hit and miss, and I would not give up a nice player for a scratch or two.

Paul B

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For me, when buying something new I expect it to look new. That said, is it worth the hassle sending it back and waiting for a new one to come? If it is then go for it, Amazon usually make the returns process quite easy. If not hold on to it, like the others mentioned it'll probably get scratched over time anyway.

But if you do decide to return it you're well within your rights.

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