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Question on Ohm set...
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Question on Ohm settings for a new speaker cabinet!

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I'm new here so feel free to redirect me if I'm in the wrong place!

I just picked up a custom built 2x12 speaker cabinet with two 16ohm peavy Sheffield 1290 speakers in it.

I'm running a peavey 6505 head with 4, 8, and 16ohm output options. It has two available outputs. Previously, I used one output jack set to 16ohms in mono on a b52 4x12 cab.

There are two inputs on the 2x12 speaker cabinet. The positive + wires from each speaker are connected to one end on the right input jack, and the negative/ground wires are connected to the other end on the right input jack. The left input jack's positive wire connects to the right input jack with the other 2 positive wires, and the left input's ground/negative wire connects to the right input jack with the other 2 ground/negative wires. Pictures are in the link, I know my terminology is off.

Does any one know which ohm setting I should set my amp to, as well as if I should use the left, right, or both inputs on the cabinet? Thanks in advance!"

[url][ ]

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From your description, the 2 16 ohm speakers are wired in parallel, so the cabinet itself is an 8 ohm cabinet.

The 2 jacks are in parallel, so you can connect either jack to your amp's 8 ohm output.

If you wanted to add a second cabinet, then you would use the other jack on this cabinet to "daisy chain" over to it. But that will change the impedance of the system.

If you used another 8 ohm cabinet, then the overall impedance of both cabinets together becomes 4 ohms, and you would need to use the 4 ohm output of your amp.

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