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Really interesting pickup/buzz/string problem...

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I thought I was going nuts...

My guitar plays fine usually, action isn't as low as I'd like but it works well enough for me. So tonight I start playing around with it, and tune down from standard to Drop D. I get some buzzing so I start thinking my action needs a little adjustment. Hours later, I've got the action so high there's no way there could possibly be any fret buzz, yet I'm still getting the same buzz on the same fret, C on the 4th string (10th fret). So I start poking around and I learn a few things...

I get the same noise from other C's on the fretboard, but not all of them. Mostly it happens on the strings adjacent to the 4th string, but it's definitely most prominent at C on the 4th string.

My neck pickup makes a funny clicking noise if you touch it or tap it a little, and the other ones don't. I can't see it or feel it move, but I suspect from the clicking noise that it might be loose or something. Is it possible that the C tone is causing some kind of vibration in my neck pickup and making this awful buzz?

Any idea at all how to fix this?

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I think the pitch is just too low so the strings will move in a larger arc than normal. No matter how high you make the bridge, the resulting hight at the nut end of the scale will be virtually unchanged, because that is where effectively the fulcrum is.

You could try different gauge strings, but the best thing would be to contact the manufacturer of the guitar, they will have all the specs. and know if you can make it work at the lower pitch.

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