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Really odd thing to...
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Really odd thing to happen to me.

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Ok so apparently the screws that held the cover over the jack on my Ibanez strat were a bit loose, and I keep my guitar on a stand. I have a cat who had his front claws still. While I was away for a couple of days (Stupid me for not putting my guitar away) my cat somehow managed to get the cover off the jack, pull the jack plug out of the hole and sever the wires. He basically chewed off my jack.

What can be done to fix this? Can anything be done? Am I just gonna have to replace the guitar? How much money would fixing this, if possible, cost?

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I have never had any of my guitars apart but you can probably just replace the chewed wires and resolder the connections. That's the short answer.

I would also consider finding a nice place to mount the new pelt you just got for skinny the cat. :D


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That's a pretty talented cat, to unscrew that jack and bite it off.

My cats just leave in disgust when I play guitar. That one took preventive action. :lol:

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There are two answers here:

1) Married: THE GUITAR MUST BE REPLACED. Especially if the cat belongs to the partner.

2) Single: It is a cheap and easy repair. More than likely there is enough wire left in there to reach the jack so just solder the wires back on. You could also extend the wires if you wish or have to. Just use similar wire. If the jack is also bad (wow tough cat) they are around $15 at most guitar stores. If you have it done the labor will be around $20.

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dang that's weird, maybe the cat pelt would make a nice pad for your strap?