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Recommendations for Strap Locks or Locking Guitar Strap

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I'm looking for reliable, long lasting strap locks for the Rockband guitar strap that I'm using. The exact strap is linked below.

What strap locks and/or new guitar strap do you recommend? I've heard good things about Schaller and Dunlop strap locks. Any recommendations? Thank you.

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Schaller Security Locks
For decades the most widely used strap lock system for guitars and basses
Indestructible even under the toughest conditions on stage.

An inadvertent loosening of the strap is impossible. So your instrument is always in the best of hands
Extra-long screws are also supplied with our Schaller Security Locks so you can use them on Gibson models

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strap locks are the way to go. they're usually around $20 and can usually be installed without re drilling holes. (always good to do it anyway though.)