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Repairing a broken ...
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Repairing a broken mandolin top

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I have a mandolin that someone stepped on. Its not an expensive instrument so not worth paying someone a couple hundred to fix, and I have the time so I don't mind putting some time into fixing it up so it is playable. It has f hole cutouts, and a cutout for a pickup under the pick guard, so it broke right at the thinnest pieces of the wood between these sets of holes in the top, where the x-bracing stops... why would it break anywhere else? :)
Some of the wood is broken through, and some of it is just splintered between the plywood. So a couple questions .
- What is a good glue to use that will flow into the cracks where the break isn't all the way through?
- I have thought about gluing a couple brace extensions along the existing braces to reinforce the break, or putting in a sound post to support the top. Once there is string pressure on the top, I'm pretty sure it will just break again without some reinforcement as the broken area is so small.
- Other thoughts? ... besides pitching the instrument.