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Replace tubes?

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I currently play through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.
I haven't played it in around 4 months, and I just played it today.
I tried using lots of distortion (more distortion, cranked drive, +overdrive pedal), and I noticed that the amp started to cut out intermittently ..

Is this a sign that my tubes are dying?
I have had the amp with the original tubes in it for around 3 years now.
I used to move the amp around quite a bit (move into the car, out of the car, etc.)

What do you think?
And is it hard to change the tubes?
And if so, what tubes should I get? I am new to all this amp business.

Thanks so much for answering my questions!

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Um, I'm no expert on amps or tube amps in particular, but if you moved the amp around a lot and weren't sufficiently careful, it's possible the tubes (or one of them) became dislodged slightly, which would (logically, anyway) fit with the whole amp-cutting-out-intermittently.

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Mm, just wanted to add that the only time it was truly cutting out was when the distortion and overdrive were pushed really hard.
Clean channels and light OD/dist seem fine.