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Saddle/Nut/Bridge Pin  


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02/02/2004 4:15 pm  


I have  a Takamine that I got used from a friend. I have heard that upgrading the nut and saddle will improve the tone. They are plastic now, and I am considering getting bone installed. Has anyone done this, and how did it affect your sound? I have also heard that getting different (i.e. wood) bridge pins can also make a difference.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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02/02/2004 4:19 pm  

In order of affect on sound, Saddle, nut, bridge pins.

Saddle will make a big difference.  Bone, Micarta, Tusq, Ivory all sound good.  Huge improvement in sound over plastic.

Nut will only make a difference on open chords.

Bridge pins, although some people claim to hear a diffence, I can't.

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02/02/2004 8:36 pm  

Replacing the saddle might be a good idea for an acoustic guitar.  However, if it is an electro-acoustic with under-saddle transducerm then the original plastic saddle might be better.

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04/02/2004 3:28 pm  

do you mean bridge not saddle?

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04/02/2004 4:27 pm  

Bridge is the part the saddle sits in.


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