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Schecter Diamond Series Guitar Wiring Problem

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I recently got a Schecter Diamond Series 006 Deluxe from a friend of mine and there was only one problem with it which was that someone tried to replace the tone control and failed at it. I tried to fix the problem myself by going based of an online wiring diagram for my guitar (Tried to connect a wire from the tone control to the ground sleeve on the output jack and a wire from the middle tip on the volume control to the other tip on the output jack) but it didn't work and when i went to solder everything back to how it originally was and plugged it back in i keep getting a buzzing feedback while in distortion.
Right now my two problems are the tone control doesn't work and I'm getting a buzzing feedback when I'm in distortion. I drew a crud drawing of what the wiring looks like inside my guitar (wasn't sure if the wire color mattered). Also the knew tone control we got is a 250k rather then 500k, now sure if that makes a difference but

I don't really know much about guitar wiring and don't have the money to take it in :( so if anyone could point me in the right direction or give me some idea's id forever be in your debt.


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The buzzing feedback may be due to a grounding problem. is there a wire grounding the bridge to the rest of your circuit? it also looks like you have the center lug on your tone control shorted to ground on it's case before the capacitor which would cause it to act more like a volume control. also, it looks like you have both sides of your volume pot shorted to case ground which is interesting to say the least.
this should help but your switch is probably different from this one so i'm not sure