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Screw on my neck pickup is stippred

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I got an sg g-400 from a friend for cheap and it was pretty much brand new. Saw now problems until I wanted to adjust the pickup on the neck. The problem was that one of the screws was stripped, not the screw hole, the screw itself. It wont budge at all because it's completely rounded. I figure I could try using a drill to get it out but I don't want to damage the guitar, and even if I do get it off, where do I find a screw to replace it? It's really been bugging me because I haven't been able to play with my usual tone. any suggestions besides taking it to get repaired? They charge up the butt around here

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If the screw itself is stripped, it shouldn't have any "attachment" to the hole, and you might be able to lift it out with a magnet. Or maybe try unscrewing it, while prying up gently under the head of the screw. That sometimes helps when trying to lift stubborn screws out for replacement.
Unless the part that the screw was threaded into is really rugged, there might be something going on with the threads in there, too. If you can't get another screw in there properly, one old trick I learned years ago is to find a piece of wire that has a core the same size as the screw, and cut a piece of insulation off it the same length as the screw. Slip the insulation over the new screw, and thread it back into the hole. The insulation should provide kind of a seal between the two sets of threads.
Hope this helps.