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I just did a setup on my mexican Strat two weeks ago and adjusted everything including the intonation and the action at the saddle. When I finished the intonation was good and my strings weren't buzzing. Now all of a sudden my strings are buzzing and the intonation is way off. Is it normal to keep having to adjust these things? If so, will it cause any damage by adjusting these things continuously? Thanks!!

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Your trem may be the culprit. It won't hurt to frequently adjust stuff but you shouldn't have to. I suspect your trem may not be seated flush against the body. If it goes foreward or backwards (up or down if you will) from where you set it up your action and intonation both change. I don't use mine so I tighten the springs. (I put extra ones in there too) If you do use it it should have the springs at least tightened enough so it sits flush with the body when not in use, that way it has a "zero point" to return to where the intonation and action will be as you have set it.

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