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Sharpening the Axe

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I have an old Squier II Strat that has been hiding behind a bookcase for the past 8 years. It has been through alot since I've had it. Tolerated the ignorant son of an engineer, who unfortunately knew how to use a screwdriver. Survived a house fire, and then some non-climate controlled storage throughout a humid Arkansas Summer. The foremost indignity of over decade as a dustbunny preserve. So during that period it got some rust on all the pick guard screws, the string height screws, the cable hole thinger bolt, and finally on the pick-up magnets.

I've brought her out of her exile, and am lovingly learning how to make her sing in that sweet voice she has always had. I love her more everyday. So over the course of the summer I hope to give her back maybe a little something of what she has already given me and selflessly continues to give more everyday.

Let me first say that, wear gives character, rust shows neglect, rust is never a sign of wear. (Still the son of an engineer.) I don't intend to change anything that is part of her essential Je-ne-sais-quoi. Basically if it's rusty I want to replace it.

I would like for most of the different replacements to be of some vintage. After looking at new Strats and Squier's the heads of most of the screws look larger. The action adjustment posts look smaller. The style has slightly changed on the pickup selector post. Mostly nit-picky stuff that makes a handful of really nickel and dime things seem like a big summer project.

So I know somebody here has to have done something similar. Are things as small as these tough to track down? Does anyone have a nest of spare parts I might pick through? Other than that no other questions. This post really has the purpose to state my intentions with my joie de vive, in a place of like minded individuals who seem like the folks that will pester me about it until I post pics of her face lift.


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Go for it dude - there's no better feeling that restoring something, or even better modifying it to make it your own! ROCK ON! :twisted:

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