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Something wrong

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i think there's something wrong with my guitar (electric).

The strings often break, i've just changed a set of strings barely a month ago, and one broke already. the action is also quite low, causing quite some buzz. the tuning is also not very good, inotation is definately off. I also heard from the person at the studio (who changed the strings for me), that the part (don't know what to call it), that holds the trem and strings together is falling apart, or something.

what can i do?

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As it's difficult for anyone to diagnose those sort of problems via a forum, I suggest that you take the guitar to a tech and have him look at it.

He will tell you exactly what is wrong and what it's going to take to put it right.

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Yeah, take it to a tech. He'll fix you up, sounds like it needs a setup.


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is it a cheapy ?