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Speaker cord stuck ...
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Speaker cord stuck in my Guitar Output

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Hello recently i decided to start playing the guitar again and so i wanted a new amp cord since i couldnt find one. So i bought one and when i got home i noticed that apparently i broke my old one. The end piece is stuck in the guitar and i cant seem to get it out. Here are some pictures. I tried yanking it out doesnt seem to work. My guitar is a Epiphone Les paul Junior.

Top of the output jack from my guitar:

Bottom of it: (You can see where the cord is)

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in the bottom picture, the connection for the tip of the jack is pressed against it (as it should be)... you can bend that out a little bit and the jack should come free.
thats all thats holding it in place.
You will need to bend it forward again when you are finished... it should feel firm, not tight when you put a jack in it.