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Strange vibrating high e string sound

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I have this strange sound on my guitar as long as i can remember. Here is a comprasion of the same tone on the E and B strings.
This is the B string
This is E
I hope you can hear the difference. It sounds kind of vobly and unclean. What ive found out this far:
it has nothing to do with action. It's there even if i set my bridge almost 2cm high.
It only occurs on the thinnest string
not a bad string, this has not occured after a recent change
Its not related to string touching any other frets
It's especially annoying on the 12th fret.
i dont hear it on an open string i think. maybe a little bit.
If i use very thick strings it goes away, but makes it allmost impossible to bend
it sounds REALLY BAD with distortion
Dont pay attention to the buzz in distortion. Needed a huge noise gate. Listen to the vobling and unevennes.
Couldnt find anything about it. I atleast dont know if other articles mean THIS sound, its not a BUZZ. Really need help. My solos sound like crap with this

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I'm reluctant to say - sometimes we disagree and get into little friendly differences over our experiences or technical prowess?

But first, I wanted to say from what I hear, and take a shot, with this type of thing for many years, that your string is hitched in the nut.

That's my way of saying that it is either sunk, or caught in a bad place or unclean groove or being 'smushed' somehow.

But that is already disproven, and I'm wrong if you fret a note and the noise still happens! I am talking about "open" 1st or E. You say it happens the other way around.

So, that takes me to a possibly too high, or too powerful pickup (pole) theory, with magnetic field pulling a weak sting from it's oscillation. The thicker string or gage will resist that.

Because I am hearing a dead ring or a dampening and shortening of amplitude and sustain, not a true buzz, but again, these things can be so subjective when we aren't there, with hands on.

Except again, you have given ample forensic clues, and have indicated it is not related to string or bridge height. That eliminates gauss, and leaves only intonation, IMO. The saddle needs correction.

The only clue that I have left going for my theory is that it bothers you a lot at the 12th, where a lack of intonation will be accentuated. So, perhaps it is truly flat there, whereas a bigger gage goes automatically sharper or correct.

I'd like to know what kind of guitar and bridge or course, but assume TOM - or Tune-O-Matic with humbuckers for this issue and with the clues you have given. That can be worked with, unlike the wrapover with fixed intonation - pre-cast.

If this applies then check intonation with a tuner, or move the 1st saddle a little forward or closer to the pickup.

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It's not flat. I know how to tune intonation and this occurs no matter how precise or lame my intonation can get. It's just that i cant get it to sound right, clean and round. If it would be intonation, I would for sure have fixed that already... but its not.
Dont know about the magnetic thingie. Moving it up should reduce the magnetic influence, but nothing changes. And youre pretty correct about teh bridge and pickups. its an epiphone sg. i know its pretty cheap, but anyway, i dont think it should sound like it. ive heard cheaper and better.

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sounds like it could be an issue with the bridge and the saddle. make sure teh saddle is properly seated. you said when you use a heavier string, it goes away. this could be caused by the heavier string's increased tension holding the saddle in proper contact with the bridge. be sure all the parts of the bridge are snug and don't rattle or anything. do the same with the tailpiece.

this might sound odd but check the tuner for that string too. tighten all screws related to that tuning post just to ensure there's nothing vibrating up there either.