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string cleaning

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wondering what most people here like to use...

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I dont...

I guess everyone is diferent, but Mine never get real bad.... well at least till its time to change them. Granted Im not a gigging guitar player.

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Yes, first of all I try to keep my fingers and hands clean around guitars.

My strings used to last a long time, for years then, but I guess they didn't sound good. :?

It's good that we don't see them magnified! :( Anyway, I have used rubbing alcohol on a non-linty cotton cloth or rag, but don't spill on either the guitar or fretboard. They require drying immediately, and of course there will be black streaks on whatever cloth you use. I believe that is because of the metal coating. Sometimes I used steel wool too, but again: don't scratch guitar or allow the filings to go on any electric's magnetic pickup poles. I guess steel wool should be avoided. Alcohol is kind of pushing it too, because after any cleaning I found that the sound went downhill in awhile anyway since the strings are stretched and worn and they get abrasion or flat spots at the frets if they get used a lot. :wink:

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I don't clean strings. You'll never get them completely clean, and for some complicated reasons, a string that's got dirt in some areas and not others won't be in tune at some frets.

That might not be a big deal if you're playing recreationally (and your ears may not be good enough to even notice), but since I play for a living, dirty strings are a guitar's way of telling me to change 'em. I'll notice the intonation being off because of the dirt long before I can actually see it, and then they get new ones.

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No I don't clean my strings either. As soon as they sound off I purchase a new set.