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Switch on Lennon's Casino not working properly

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I just found out, that the switch works only in neck or bridge position. When in the join position, only neck pickup sounds, I checked the switch wiring and it seems ok... do you have any tip what can be wrong? The guitar was bought a year ago...

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Could be dirty contacts. This is the first thing I'd try.

Here is how I clean contacts on a Casino type switch.

1) Get Caig's DeOxit (Red) - it's the best contact cleaner I've tried. Get it in the bottle, not the pen.
2) Cut a thin strip from a business card (not a glossy one) and dip it in the DeOxit
3) Open the switch contacts and insert the dipped end between them
4) Close the contacts and gently drag the card out
5) Repeat a few times
6) Do the same one time with the dry end of the card to get the excess DeOxit off the contacts.

To protect the contacts, use some DeOxit Gold, it slows down the corrosion.

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PS. I have no professional or financial affiliation with Caig. I live near the ocean where keeping contacts clean is a full-time job.

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