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Taylor - break on arm

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I have an acoustic Taylor 214. It cost about $800. It has a bad break on the neck at the point where the tuning pegs meet the string lock. I have been advised to replace the neck. This is the 3 bolt design (neck is bolted to the body.

Taylor advises that I ship the guitar to an authorized repair center. Is this necessary? Is there really any advantage to having the neck set at an authorized center or is this just - in part - some setup where a luther pays to be authorized and gets this business? Should any competent local luther be capable of properly setting the neck?

I asked Taylor this question and they said they have a very specific design which is best serviced by an authorized luther. When I spoke to some of their authorized luthers they appeared at first off guard and then ready to capitalize - their prices only slightly more (+ $50) than a non authorized local luther. But then I also have shipping costs. My intuition.

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for that extra $50 -- if that is really what it ends up being -- you are guaranteed to have your guitar repaired and set up to Taylor's specs. if it is not right for any reason, Taylor will stand behind the repair, and will make sure you are satisfied. this might even completely restore the guitar to it's original warranty (ask).

you could have it done by another, non-authorized/Taylor-trained luthier, and it may turn out just fine -- or not. if it does not, you probably will have little recourse, and will be hearing statements such as "in my experience, that's how a Taylor plays -- they all <insert "buzz a little" or "have funky action" or "never sound as good as a Martin" or "...">." when you know that is NOT how your guitar should be playing and/or sounding. and you may void any remaining warranty.

FWIW, a recent GN post of mine about Taylor:

if you really want to save money, have the headstock repaired. Taylor won't do that, but it will cost a lot less and often produces very good, functional results if not a good cosmetic restoration. if you want to do the neck replacement later, it always remains a possibility, and Taylor would probably still do it.

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Good thread, nothing to add except some of you may be aware of this new video sensation by Sons of Maxwell :lol: :roll: :?:

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