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Transporting My Guitars

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Hi guys, I was going to be moving cross-country in my car, and I wanted to store my guitars side by side (in their cases of course) in the back seat to save space, instead of laying them flat on top of each other, but not if they are more likely to be damaged that way. Does anyone know if one of these particular ways of storing/transporting guitars is safer? Thanks!

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You are theoretically better off side by side. They probably won't shift as much if the car changes lanes. You won't be able to accidentally have something heavy on them.

The cases should protect them either way. My guitars have sooooo many travel miles on them, train, plane, automobile and even boat and none have even a scratch for it. Now give me a couple, (read that as many), beers and I'll be sure to turn around and bang my guitar into a mic stand. As long as you don't combine the two your guitars should be fine.

I've never done it for going on the road in a car, but you can crumple up some newspaper and stuff it in the case near the headstock to make sure the neck doesn't move.