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Truss Rod Missing, ...
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Truss Rod Missing, which way would it bend?

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Hello general information question of physics...

if i have guitar neck, not attached to a guitar (no string tension), and is missing the truss rod NUT, would the neck be bowed or lay flat, assuming the neck is not damaged (twisted or something)?
...conversely if it still was not attached to a body and had the nut adjusted correctly for sting tension would it then be bowed having no tension to counter act it, ie it would look like a screwed up neck??

thank you!

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The truss rod is only a stiffener, it is not intended that the truss rod should bend anything, but rather stop the neck from bending.
If you have a neck, that is not on a guitar and has no truss rod nut, the neck will take its natural form - presumably straight, if there's no warping. The truss rod has no effect.
If the neck is attached to a guitar, without any strings, and the truss rod is set to hold the correct action, the neck will (assuming no warping) be straight - the truss rod will not be doing anything, as the neck is not under tension.
If the neck is not attached to the guitar and it is bowed backward (i.e 12th fret is higher than the nut and body end of the neck, you should seek out the person who adjusted the neck to this position and beat him over the head with it. :D :D

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