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warped neck

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Ok so on my 51' the neck is warped near the lower frets. The action is set VERY HIGH right now because it mutes on the second and third frets if I bring the action down. How can I fix this problem myself considering that I'm in Korea right now and can't run to the local Guitar Center and have them do it. Thanks for all your help.

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sounds like "negative" relief, a.k.a. backbow. you probably have an overtighted truss rod - either out of the box (assuming you didn't change it) or due to change in temp/humidity. since this sounds moderately severe (but not fatal by any means), start by loosening (counter clockwise) the truss rod adjustment about 1/2 turn. to make this easier, loosen the strings a bit, adjust the truss rod, then retune. lightly tap the back of the neck with your knuckles ("knock knock") to help settle the adjustment, then let it settle further for a day or so in its normal environment (temp/humidity), reset the action (bridge height) and check everything. if necessary, repeat above using 1/4 turn adjustments either looser or tighter, depending upon what's required. ... or take it to a tech for a setup, including neck relief (truss rod). good luck.

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I've used Nil's setup page quite often and have it favorited and printed out. Kind of expands a little bit on what gnease was describing. Only odd-ball tool needed is a set of feeler guages. (about $10 at any auto parts store)

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