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Weird warble / vibrating on high E string mostly after the 12th fret

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So i have this guitar that i got from someone recently. I've plugged it in my audio interface to try it out and while playing i noticed that the high E, mostly after the 12th fret vibrates weirdly. I thought it was the pickups catching the string in their magnetic field but they were pretty low to begin with.

It sounds like a gargle, warble, sort of like a flanger if you will.

this is a link to a recording of the issue . first few sounds are coming from the B string on the 15-16th fret , and the last 3 are from the E string on the same fret, cant remember which one it exactly was lol.

The E string is the only one having this issue every other string plays fine. The issue can be found throughout all pickup positions.

I've changed the action from the bridge, and no result. Also the nut as is , has a bit of paper wedged in the slot , that's how i got it . I tried taking it out, the action seemed fine , checked with a 0.046mm pick , the noise was still there . The B string has a bit of paper as well in the nut slot but sounds just fine . I've added more paper to get the action higher and the problem still persist .

Frets seem to be fine, they look leveled and dressed , also the neck is straight .

And as a failsafe , i plugged in my other guitar that i have just to have a reference, and that one was fine.