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what paint to take

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Hello everyone,

I can not decide with the guitar restoration. Please, help me.
In brief, I bought an old bass guitar. I would like to refresh it.
I searched the net, the guitar is made of plywood. I can not choose the most appropriate paint for it.
What can you offer. Not very expensive.
PS: This is the first guitar and I do not have good painting skills.

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Nitrocellulose is the answer to your question. It's inexpensive. It's easy to use and comes even as an aerosol can. It's the most common type used because of it's ease to use and repair. It's also very durable and holds color very well with no fading. If you google search it, there are many options color-wise. I hope this helps.

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Nitro has it's pluses and minuses, toxic and or smelly fumes, some learning curves with finishing, surface prep can be problematic! On the plus side, finished product is almost too nice to play! Older and more expensive guitars have this finish on them and on acoustics it is the go-to finish for some of the best made, think Martin, Guild and Gibson! Another finish is enamel or poly. Especially for solid colors. I've even used spray cans of paint bought at the hardware store with good results. A lot of the times it is a good idea to use whatever the original finish is, if possible. Google guitar refinishing and see all the options! It goes from cheap to really anal! (try looking up "French Polishing""!)

Durability is an issue, nitro is thin but can be repaired fairly easily, poly and enamel not so much but is more durable. Most modern makes both good and cheap makes use a poly finish because of less problems of application in a factory and the durability issue. Tone is an another issue but is beyond this post because of all the opinions......

Under no cicumstanses should you attempt a refinish of a vintage instrument! Even if done perfectly, it will reduce it's value! Some times as much as 50%!

Then there is my thoughts, I like beat up guitars! Some of the best playing ones that I have had looked like someone took a belt sander to! Plus all the stories it could tell.....

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