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Why is my amp click...
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Why is my amp clicking??

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I just bought a VOX AV30, and it sounded great in the store. Well, I've had it for a few days now and it sounds great at my house too, but it makes a sound like a watch clicking. It doesn't occur when nothing is plugged into it, and it gets louder the higher the amp power/gain/ volume. I've tried multiple cords and multiple guitars, but the problem remains. Any idea what this could be?

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It's probably coming in through your house wiring, from something else in the house that's on all the time, like a clock radio, maybe the clock in an electric range. Try plugging it in somewhere else, maybe a friend's house. Vox amps have pretty good shielding, but it could also be electro-magnetic interference (EMI), so that the closer it is to the source the louder the clicking will get, or turning it a certain way makes it louder.

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