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wiring dual humbuck...
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wiring dual humbuckers

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Hey all,

Got a wiring question. About 15 years ago, I pulled apart a Charvel Model 5 I had. Put the active pickups in another guitar, and saved the ones from that guitar. I wanted to get the Charvel back into shape, but have a mess on my hands.


I recall actually having it working at some point about 14 years ago, but recall a horrible hum. The present condition is that all wires are cut.

First, there are two "gold" plated humbuckers that say Sam Sung on the back. They were pulled from an Epiphone Les Paul knock-off. One has a blue wire, and one has a red wire. While there are matching colour wires in the guitar, I can't be sure if they are in the right position. I at least know the screws on the pickups face outward, unlike the pics.

Next, there is a 3 position toggle switch. A few cut wires hang from it. Looks like there are also solder spots where a wire may have been.

Finally, there are three knobs. I have no idea if they were put back in any kind of proper position.

Can anyone give me some guidance on how to get this baby rockin' again? I've got wire splicers, wires, and different wattage soldering guns - and I'm up to the challenge!

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No pics in your post. You can't attach files here; you need to host them somewhere (like Photobucket) and link to them in your post.

As far as general wiring goes, with two-wire humbuckers one is hot, one goes to ground, and there's not much tricky wiring you can do.

With three knobs you can do one volume and two tones, or two volumes and one tone.

Find somewhere to host your picks and we can probably offer more help if needed.

Good luck; modding guitars is fun but highly addictive!

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