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Wiring questions for my old Breadwinner Limited

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Hey Guys,

I found this old Ovation Breadwinner Limited for $150.00 with hardshell case at a pawn shop. The guys said that it was in a fire and has smoke damage? - Okay! I didn't like the frets or the 24 fret board which is 24.75, so I ordered a new fretboard which is 21 frets and 24.75. It is not here yet, but on it's way. I used photoshop to place a photo on the fingerboard and a photo of the possible new pick guard, just to see how it might look, so the photo is fake for now.

This model was the first active pickup electric guitar to come out, so they say? It has two 9 volt batteries. The sound is pretty weak and nasty compared to my other guitars. I have decided to install 3 Eric Johnson hand wound single coils and 2 Duncan Hot Rails in it. Why? - These pickups have been flying around my music room for several years and I wanted to do something with them. Then I said, why don't I just make a really crazy guitar, since the guitar looks crazy anyway!

I photoshopped my wiring plans, but I am not sure if they are correct. Since I will be using a 500k pot, I need the single coils to see 250k, so I installed some resistors in the diagram. It will have a varitone control with six different caps, and a master no load tone control. It will also have a volume treble bleed control, 5 way switch for the single coils, on/on switch for switching between the single coils and doubles, a 3 way for switching the double coils, and 2 DPDT switches for split and parallel sounds of the double coils.

Please check out this wiring and let me know if it will work at all.