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Yamaha se250 wiring...
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Yamaha se250 wiring?

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So I am swaping out my stock bridge pickup from a 1980's Yamaha se250 electric guitar with a dimarzio FRED dp153. The guitar has a 3-way selector switch and 1 volume pot that clicks up and down for tone, I think

There are all the same colour wires(black, green, red, white and bare) however I dont think they are wired the same. The stock Yamaha pickup's green and black wires, which are wired to the volume/tone pot together are different from what's on the dimarzio installation page which says black and white go together.
Also the stock wiring, the bare and red(hot) wires are soldered together at the selector switch while on the dimarzio fred installation page it says to solder the green and bare together...and the white wire on the other side of the selector switch which would the red wire, when replaced...

Does this all sound correct(for replacement)?

-black and white to volume/tone pot
-green and bare wires to inside of the selector switch terminal
-red wire to outside of the selector switch terminal

Here's a picture of the inside of the cavity with labels so you should have an idea of what I am talking about. Also the fred installation page for the fred dp153(standard series wiring method). If anyone knows for sure about how to install this pickup let me know, and many many thanks!!