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A promise and a Pac...
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A promise and a Pact

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Hi all!

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend? This afternoon a rather different sound than usual emerged from my fingers... all got a lil folky :-)

Anyway, have a listen if you are so inclined and if you likes what ya hear, you can always follow me and get more over on

Here's the jangly noises - tuning is double drop D, capo 2nd (lyrics below):

Hey little lady, laying on the green,
All garbed in yellow, be my mustard queen.

Hey little lady, I'll sing soft and low,
And gather petals for to make your throne.

Hey little lady, the shadows creep,
Shine a little of your light over me.

Hey little lady, never mind what they say,
the path lies only where we point the way.

Stay with me until life turns to night,
Stay with me until the shore's in sight,
Stay with me and I'll be yours,
forever more.