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An uplifting, good-...
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An uplifting, good-vibes, happy rock!

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Hi there!

I've just finished building this website for a rock group of friends.
Immediately of course, I thought of putting it here for preview (for the obvious reasons) reviews.

Just in short about them.
The band formed about 6 years ago in a remote area at the north country-side of Israel and
since the songwriter of the band was traveling in Asia, leaving in Denmark and traveling
again in South America, the band reformed again last year, and currently touring intensely all
over the country.
Their music style can be defined roughly as a combination between a groovy uplifting music
and very melodic and ear-catchy tunes.
For preview in the site there's 2 early recordings plus one video of a current song which was filmed live at a show recently. Comments are very welcome.

On a personal side, I'll appreciate every comment related to site building.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!


P.S. Don't ask about the name of the band. Long story.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Posted : 03/08/2005 1:48 pm
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Just a quick note about the banner across the top: If you're using IE6 (I'll check it from home on firefox and let you know about that too) and don't have your page maximized it cuts off the links at the bottom of the banner. I was trying to figure out site navigation for a minute before I figured that out.

I do like the layout though. Once I figured out how to navigate, everything is right there to be found.

Our songs also have the standard pop format: Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, bad solo. All in all, I think we sound like The Knack and the Bay City Rollers being molested by Black Flag and Black Sabbath.

Kurt Cobain

Posted : 03/08/2005 1:57 pm
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The basic layout of the site is good. Overall a nice site and interesting band.

As gunslinger indicated there are some browser compatibility problems.

One being the navigation buttons on the bottom of the photo screens. They are fine in Firefox but off in IE6 unless you expand the window.

Second being with the MP3's. In firefox they play in the window and in IE6 they play in the external media player.

There are others but if you fix the basic compatibility issues they will probably all be fixed. If you run them through these validation sites it may tell you all of them.

Nils' Page - Guitar Information and other Stuff
DMusic Samples

Posted : 03/08/2005 2:26 pm
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Overall that is one of the best site designs I have seen. Easy to get around, never felt lost, conformity between pages. The only thing I would change would be the scrolling news at the home page. I would do it in blog form just to fill up the page a little bit. But great job!


Posted : 03/08/2005 4:00 pm
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Thanks for the comments guys, I'll be working on it to fix the problems.

BTW, any comments on the music? I know those recording are pretty out-of-date and not really tells about the band toady but the thread is really for the music (although I'll be happy with any comment on the site as well).

Have a nice day,


So long and thanks for all the fish.

Posted : 04/08/2005 4:50 pm
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I'm sorry to tell you guys that the site closed for 30-days (by the host) for bandwidth overrage, so instead I'm posting links for the two songs.

Pet thing.mp3


So long and thanks for all the fish.

Posted : 05/08/2005 11:32 am
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Ok, that's pretty embarrassing, third post of me strait, but I'm posting to say
that the site is on again (in a new address).

Here's a link. Enjoy!

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Posted : 09/08/2005 3:51 pm
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Most humerous. Why does this remind me of Frank Zappa? It's far too polite for Zappa. Cool stuff tho. I could listen to that. Love the slap bass. The mix in general sounds great. Maybe a bit too much verb on the snare for my taste but that's just opinion. Great tunes. It's so sad that the industry is in such dire straits. All A & R guys seem to look for these days is clones of other bands that are already doing well. Like what's with that Nickelback soundalike band? Isn't one Nickelback bad enough?

Posted : 13/08/2005 2:37 am
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Thanks hueseph!

Frank Zappa you said? I'll tell them that, they gonna like it... funny though,
you're not the first one to say that, maybe it's the guy who recorded them
5-6 years back. He likes Zappa.

About the industry. What can I say? Yeah.
That's why many are now going independent on their first album, hoping to
make an impression and maybe get a contract later. It's a risk though, but
one that must be taken nowadays.
I don't even want to get to start talking about Nickelback…

Have a nice day!

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Posted : 13/08/2005 8:30 am