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As tears go by

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An old stones song, hope I did it justice. I had some trouble with the vocals had to do several takes my voice kept crackin

Posted : 28/06/2006 2:48 am
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hey not bad man I like that electric guitar riff in the background. Dont know the song, but you did me justice.

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-Chris Thile

Posted : 28/06/2006 4:00 am
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Thanks man, thats what you call a poor mans acoustic with audacity wah wah effect. You should look for a double album the stones put out years ago called 'hot rocks' their best stuff, and thats on there

Posted : 28/06/2006 7:47 am
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hey that was great

thanks for sharing your music


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Posted : 28/06/2006 9:11 am
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Hey jonetoe , it is a good song and you did a nice job.It reminds me of old school radio.

Imagine sitting in a farm with radio on :wink:

Keep it up...and i am going to check out this song.Its sounds nice...

Posted : 28/06/2006 10:53 am
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Thanks for the feedback guys I shall continue i hope. If you hear the version done by mick and the stones it will sound much nicer :wink:

Posted : 28/06/2006 5:23 pm