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Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 - Prelude (On Guitar)

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Hi GN,

Long time since I've posted here, but I'm still playing a lot of guitar. This is a recording I recently did of Bach's Cello Suite No 1, Prelude, the first movement of the piece. I played it just a touch faster than I'd have liked, but in any case, this recording was about two years in the making.

Hope you enjoy, and as always, I welcome any comments and criticisms.


Posted : 30/03/2011 2:04 pm
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ARgh!!! Blocked at work! I'll have to check when I get a chance at home.

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Posted : 08/04/2011 3:11 am
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Very nice Taso!!

Posted : 09/04/2011 12:33 am
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wow taso

youve come a long long way


been a while since ive been back here

im glad to see you still stop by

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Posted : 17/04/2011 12:25 am
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It's really good.

I think I'd be tempted to slow it down a few bpm, but I really think you delivered a good performance there.

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Posted : 17/04/2011 8:38 am
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Thanks guys.

Alan, I'm in agreement there, just a bit slower would have been my ideal.

Posted : 19/04/2011 10:10 am
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That was very enjoyable. Thanks for posting it and great playing.

Posted : 20/04/2011 12:04 am