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Beautiful Disaster short clip (for BB days festival)

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Just posting a clip accapella on Beautiful Disaster. I'm hoping to do this to piano at Billy Barker Days, if I get in. fingers crossed I can! :D

anyways, I was wondering what everyone thinks of how its sounding so far, and if there is anything else i can do to strengthen the tue so far.

thanks all! :D

you can find the clip at : the clip is pretty obvious (Beautiful disaster record 3)

thanks again :)

Posted : 19/06/2007 11:34 pm
BarnaBus RoX
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WOW what a voice , I know what would be a disaster , " If more people don't hear that voice " , its' truely beautiful .

I have listened to quite a lot of people singing since joining up here , I can't sing one single note , and alot of others can't either . There is only a few voices I enjoy listening to and yours is right up there .

Thank you for sharing you talent with us .

I hope a lot of others get to drop in and listen to your singing

Keep the song writting up

Here is to you as good as you are
And here is to me as bad as I am
As good as you are and as bad as I am
I'm as good as you are as bad as I am

Posted : 20/06/2007 12:37 am
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Thanks! :D

Right now I'm hoping to get into the festival.

I'm still waiting for a report on how its going finding a stage from Grandma (its in another town, not here, so unfortunately i can't go around xD ).
fingers are crossed. thousands come from all over to Quesnel for the music, apparently, during the 4 day thing. It would be a pretty good audience, even if its at a smaller company stage.

now i'm working on memorizing the song xD i have 1 4th of the song memorized i think. but i got 2 months nearly, so its not like its a rush. I just prefer to get it down early so it sticks even better.

hahaha, i'll keep trying on getting my song writing up there! ^^ and my guitar. I'm still not holding the pick for strummng quite right, and buzzing from lazing off, but....end of summe ri should be a lot better, since I've been practicing regular.


Posted : 20/06/2007 12:49 am
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with that voice the festival should be named after you.
fantastic. great pitch, tone, timing, dynamics.
you have it all. :)

Posted : 20/06/2007 11:49 am
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Sounds great, can't wait to hear it with piano :D

My Youtube Page

Posted : 21/06/2007 12:27 am
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awww, thanks guys! :D

Well, I'm tenatively in the festival now. I have to talk with the coordinator of this stage yet, but he seems interested. haha, i dunno what he thought of the grandmother basically going over dramatic (she has her tendencies). I'd be amused, tbh. haha. ah well.

Email him the set list, which will be short xD unless we get a pianist son, I can only do the one song (Beautiful Disaster) as i have a backing track for it. even has harmonic vocals in it! pretty sweet...

but if we get a pianist, then we'll add on Love Chronicle, the japanese song, and possibly another ne, like A thousand miles by vanessa carlton (easy song) .

if we did that, then it would be: 1. beautiful Disaster
2. Love Chronicle
3. A thousand Miles

I think tht would be the best mix, as then we'd end with an english song. ;___; please, will a pianist in Quesnel be available xD

ah well, keep you updated! :)

Posted : 21/06/2007 3:56 am
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Don't know how you sing without music and stay in tune. You have a lovely voice and when you get a backing don't let the music hide it.


Those who can't dance always blame the band.

Posted : 21/06/2007 7:12 pm
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Wonderful, if they don't take you in the festival it will be BB's loss

Posted : 21/06/2007 9:44 pm
Ignar Hillström
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Could have sworn I already replied to it. Oh well, GN is a mysterious place.

Anyway, awesome voice. Hope you get in, and would defintely love to hear some recordings of that, if possible. :)

Posted : 21/06/2007 10:15 pm
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I talked to the guy more about getting in, and i am now sort of in. i think. xD i'll probably be shown in bandchanges, for the bigger groups taking up a ton of stage time.

however, i did say we already had a piano and we're still looking for a pianist and a piano...

however, if we don't find either of those, i can always say that something happened and the pianist had to suddenly drop out, so it would only be the one song (beautiful Disaster) which i have a perfect back track to.

Its pretty easy for me to stay on tune without anything behind me. I can "hear" the backgrounds in my head, so all i do is match the voice i hear as well and it all flows out. of course, if your voice can't cover the range, it doesn't always come out sounding quite right xD lol....i've had that a few times xD you also can feel when its right or not. you fidget if something is up, especially if its routine to sing it the "right" way. perfect example was the saturday sing along with praise band. during the break, i was trying to figure out what was off that was making that "bad feeling" happen. i couldn't relax at all.
in the end, it was the idiot Erik going off on a tangent and doing an odd beat, just peculiar enough to throw everyone off. I'm right beside the drums for singing, so i figured it out.

so, the first song after the break i started at its proper speed, faster, sang along for a few seconds before everyone caught on, and me and joan exchanged grins. she was giving the "oooh, that was it" face, haha. we were good the rest of the sing along, thankfully. tons of fun, lol!

and, now I'm singing O Canada for the school Awards Night. got emailed from the band teacher asking if i was interested. so, on the 27th (this coming wednesday) I'll be there to sing the anthem. it'll be fun, but i'll be figuring out where i can hole up alone or with relatively few people to have some silent time after. I like to think and reflect after. always helpful.

busy all of a sudden, lol! xD

still getitng used to it..
all i had planned this sumemer originally was the PGX Idol Competition. not all this xD

its all cool though. I'm just not havign as much of a vacation as first planned. xD

Posted : 22/06/2007 6:24 am