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Between Heaven and ...
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Between Heaven and Earth

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This is one of those tracks where I'm not sure whether to upload it or not, I'm pretty sure a lot of people will just consider it noise, so you're all warned. :P Feel free to tell me if you like it, hate it or whatever!

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Well.... I Like It! 8)

Gave me a sense of a modern techno coffee house band....
Like, the background for some spoken word Beat poet up on a stage reciting Blake or describing a present day Hieronymus Bosch scene or something

It didn't seem like noise at all.
I thought it was well crafted; Everything had it's place and purpose.


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I like it, too!

It doesn't sound as noise to me. In fact, I like very much the jazzy piano lines.

Nice job! 8)

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Pretty cool stuff.

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Pretty neat... I wouldn't consider it "noise" at all. It's cool 8)

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cool beats. I detect no noise. I heard a major/minor shift that was nice.
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