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big train

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Once I get the basement flood cleared up, I'll just download the whole thing and add a track with a solo . Do as you see fit at that point. Great tune.

Posted : 23/07/2008 2:17 am
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I think we have a singer. guitarnoise 'elphantalla' said he'd give it a try. he has that great higher end voice.

Posted : 23/07/2008 10:58 am
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Sounds good so far! I can't wait to hear the next few iterations. 8)

"I wonder if a composer ever intentionally composed a piece that was physically impossible to play and stuck it away to be found years later after his death, knowing it would forever drive perfectionist musicians crazy." - George Carlin

Posted : 23/07/2008 11:17 am
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nuno, give it a shot too. you could try little fills between the verse, for example.
Ok! I'll do! :D

Boxboy sent me the backing tracks by email. I'll work on the those versions.
one thing I wanted to do, but didn't, was to play a two note bass that followed the chord changes.
like in a Johnny Cash song. want to try that?
Sorry, I don't know what you mean :(

Could you send a link to one of those songs? The name of the song?

Posted : 23/07/2008 2:30 pm
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I think we have a singer. guitarnoise 'elphantalla' said he'd give it a try. he has that great higher end voice.I could put a treble type 12 bar blues slide to the track as well but I wouldn't know how to join or if the slots are filled up.

Hey, Derek,
I think we might be full up for this iteration. We're trying to work in some pedal steel and/or piano as well, so that'll be a lot going on.
But feel free to have a go at any section you like. Maybe at some point we'll be able to extend the mix and stretch things out a bit.
Send me a PM with your e-mail if you'd like the bass and drums BT and/or a chord sheet.


Posted : 23/07/2008 4:04 pm
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nuno. forget what i wrote. just play what you feel. that would be the best thing.

Posted : 24/07/2008 10:45 am
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great job my friend! Love the tune, love your singing and playing! Your site is killer, love the graphics. Thanks for sharing your great work!


Posted : 24/07/2008 12:17 pm
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hey dale. thanks for the comments.
I use Google /Images to find my 'album covers'. I sift through a few dozen before I find something.

Posted : 24/07/2008 12:26 pm
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I was just runnin this through, and found some not bad harmonies for the chorus. I think you have that part covered with Boxboy, but if that changes let me know and I'll take a stab at some harmonies for the Big train part and gone, gone gone.

Posted : 25/07/2008 12:11 am
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Its really good IMO. I love your voice...Its got a cool growl to it 8) is what you need to do.
1..Sell your house
2..move to Powdersville SC. You can still get a good buy in real estate :wink: (Area code 29642)
3... we can start a new band ..."The Randy Bluezers" :lol:

My Youtube Page

Posted : 25/07/2008 3:10 am
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hey dog. my house IS up for sale. hope it goes quick, because I found a property in farm land I could do.
thanks for the compliments. I would love to be in a band with you.

I have this posted at soundclick and it went to number 3 on the charts. woohoo.

the new extended version boxboy and I are concocting will be even better.

Posted : 25/07/2008 10:52 am
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