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[Bosch Jazzing] Pat...
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[Bosch Jazzing] Pat Metheny - Unity Village

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Hi fellow guitarplayers,

For the moment I'm finished playing rock and will enter the worlm of jazz. In my last songs I came some way using bluenotes and stuff but now I'm in for the real thing.

Download: Unity Village.mp3

I recorded this song using my new Epiphone Joe Pass. Great guitar, but I will buy myself a true (carved) archtop. Suggestions are welcom since I don't know squad about archtops.

Epiphone  Pod XT  Audigy  Sonar Producer Edition 5.

Hope you enjoy.



Bosch Racing

Posted : 30/07/2007 6:01 pm
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Nice playing Bosch. And nice guitar. Why do you want change it? Do you have GAS? :lol:

Probably it depends on the patches that you used but I hope a warmer sound. I didn't play that guitar but I was considering this kind of guitars and I remembered another tone.

Posted : 30/07/2007 10:46 pm
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Nice playing. Very well done. I'm not a huge fan of Methany. I have a couple of his cd's but his style is pretty predictable. except when he does that free jazz stuff and that stuff I hate. He's an amazing player and his sense of harmony is incredible but I just never got into his stuff. You're playing doesn't sound at all like Methany though which is what I liked most about it. :P

Posted : 30/07/2007 11:22 pm
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looks like Epiphone is making some fine guitars. yours and the Sheraton that is on this forum
look and sound great. I could hear/feel those subtle finger pressure changes when you worked certain notes.
nice. let's hear more.

Posted : 30/07/2007 11:31 pm
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Man, thats pretty cool 8) I can listen to that all night. Great job and nice ax BTW.

My Youtube Page

Posted : 31/07/2007 1:14 am