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Come To Town (Origi...
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Come To Town (Original) (NOW FINISHED)

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Hey, I finally wrote another original. You guys have been wanting me to. I really like this one. It is about aliens coming to earth and dancing in the streets. I think it's nice.

I just recorded the bridge a few minutes ago. Hope you like it!

Bust a move.

It's called Come To Town

One chord is fine.
Two you're pushing it.
Three and you're into jazz.

Posted : 20/11/2007 4:36 pm
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Great job, sounds great and has a nice groove. Be killer with some drums and bass. The only part that i was unsure of was the little riff/progression you do after you sing "get down" it starts to go in one direction and then changes and to me it doesn't fit the groove that well. I wish I could describe what I mean better. My ears are expecting the riff to resolve to something and then when I don't hear it, it sounds odd.

Anyway great tune great voice keep it up.

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Posted : 20/11/2007 4:48 pm
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Hey, I like this a lot. I see what cnev is saying about the riff after get down. Its not that it doesn't work, but it is not what I would have played (where as in most other parts including the lead at the beginning you sound very intentional)

Great job your stuff is some of the best on here I think.

Some constructive criticism, with both your covers and your original music your influences are very apparent. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but you might think about branching out a little into some styles out of your comfort zone. You learn a lot about melody writing if you learn things like bach partitas, jazz melodies, folk music, and the blues. Even if your not going to try to write in those styles you'd be amazed what it will do when you turn around and try to write a song of your own.

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Posted : 20/11/2007 5:25 pm
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Wow! I haven't been on the board that long to hear a lot of songs but that one was the BEST I've heard.
Most excellent.
Kinda funny because I just uploaded my first video (to the Beginners Videos) of House of the Rising Sun yesterday and I did it to that same beat ( or strumming pattern) of your song.
Maybe that's why I liked it so much. LOL
Anyway, great job. I'd buy the finished version.

If the Movie "Men in Black" was looking for a theme song, they couldn't have found a better one.
Just thinking . . .
There's a series called "Torchwood". . . . a British production . . . by the same people who do "Doctor Who".
Get in touch with them! They would love this! It's a great background song for their type of production.

Are you thinking of adding a keyboardist to your group? I think it would be an excellent addition.

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Posted : 20/11/2007 5:44 pm
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Actually, It's not a group, haha.

It's just me, I do all the instruments and stuff.

One chord is fine.
Two you're pushing it.
Three and you're into jazz.

Posted : 20/11/2007 6:05 pm
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Hey :D
Nice job El 8)

And it seems that you've achieved the 'tension' you were probably looking for with that riff! :twisted:

Perhaps listeners would understand better if they were dancing in the streets with the aliens! :wink:

I thought it sounded 'surfy'....
(Surfing with the aliens????)

Looking forward to more,


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Posted : 20/11/2007 6:56 pm
Dan T.
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Very nice elpantalla! 8)

Keep working on those originals! :D


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Posted : 21/11/2007 9:55 am
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Great job your stuff is some of the best on here I think.


I'm another one that would buy your stuff. I'd love an elpantalla CD to listen to in my car :)

Posted : 21/11/2007 1:24 pm
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Wow, thanks guys. I was not aware that I was actually known at all here.

One chord is fine.
Two you're pushing it.
Three and you're into jazz.

Posted : 21/11/2007 7:51 pm
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Nice tune! I liked that riff, its a bit odd but thats why it fits. Hmmmm...I wonder what some 60's style electric organ might sound like in the mix? Think B-52's.

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Posted : 24/11/2007 3:26 am