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Cool Rock riffs #2 ...
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Cool Rock riffs #2 --matt makaha

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Here’s one of my newer rock songs. Possibly my best drum programming, especially the fills like at the 1:04 mark. I use a drum machine, not software, and program note by note, and I adjust each hit on the ride cymbal so that it’s slightly closer to the bell or the rim, and slightly time displace each hit so that it sounds like a human played it, same with the snare, etc. It’s extremely tedious, it took around 35 hours to program the drums for the song. So just one single fill (like check out the fill at 1:04) takes a long, long, long time to program note by note.

Here's the link:

Btw, I use an ebow at the very end of the song, that’s how I got that sound...

Fastest guitar player??
Wow! That's me!

Posted : 29/05/2013 6:39 am