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Creep, by Radiohead...
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Creep, by Radiohead Cover by Clarissa

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"Creep" is the debut single by the English rock band Radiohead, released on 21 September 1992. 
"Creep" remains Radiohead's most successful single. It was named one of the greatest debut singles and one of the greatest songs by Rolling Stone.

This song is dedicated to our young people today, in search for their own identity and mark in this world.  

Believe that tomorrow is a brighter day.  
Hope, peace and love to all of you!!!.

Feedback is much appreciated


Posted : 12/10/2022 1:42 pm
Paul Hackett reacted
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Really nice sounds as usual, Rene. Smooth playing and wonderful vocals.

I like this stripped down version of the song. I also like how Clarissa handled the swearing. It's easier to pay attention to the lyrics in this version. Can't believe this song is 30 years old. It sounds new and fresh the way you two perform it.

Thank you for sharing. 😀 

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Posted : 12/10/2022 3:43 pm
Rene A reacted
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Hi Paul,

You are so appreciated, my friend!!!

Thank you for your solid support.



Posted : 21/10/2022 2:19 pm