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Critque please?

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I'm calling this a work in progress....I was messing around and discovered the opening to this great tune. So I wanted to do the rest, I just really get into the song for some reason.

It's the first time that I think I do anything than stare at paper LOL, and it's the first arrangement I've done that has any sort of percussion in it...but please let me know what you think!!

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Posted : 29/07/2010 1:52 pm
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I liked it, very good Joe.

Posted : 30/07/2010 6:36 pm
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Thanks, I appreciate it!

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Posted : 31/07/2010 2:50 am
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Sounds good to me Joe. Nice job!

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Posted : 01/08/2010 2:16 am
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Good job Joe! I like it!

Just a couple of comments. There is a part of the song that I didn't remember in that way. It just a couple of notes. I didn't listen that song since some years so it is very possible I am wrong. On the other hand, as it is your own arrangement and it sounds good, it is good!

And also a personal taste: I prefer the part where you don't use that "percussive" way to play, I like the final part, it seems much smoother to me. But it is just a comment! It sounds good, too!

Thanks for sharing.

Posted : 01/08/2010 1:30 pm
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Thanks TR!!

Nuno: Thank for the feedback. I did like how it switched up a bit without the percussion in the the beginning it just seemed to make sense and I did it instinctively, but then when the chorus and such came it didn't make sense and I played the notes.

I think there are a couple timing issues that are there that I need to fix with the percussion and such, maybe even omit a couple of them, but so far, I think it's my best arrangement, and I'm working on a MUCH more complicated fingersetyle version of this song:

From 1;07 on:

Having alot of fun trying to figure out the horns and mesh it all together on one instrument. Hopefully I'll have it done in about a month, and then practice it a ton.

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Posted : 01/08/2010 2:48 pm
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I agree with the timing comments and I also think I agree with Nuno about the percussive bits. It sounds odd on this end. Otherwise, very nice start for a WIP piece.

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Posted : 02/08/2010 3:26 pm
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Nice job, Joe.
I really don't know the song and was having trouble time to time picking out the melody after the intro. Stretches seemed sort of randomly 'noodle-y'. Maybe you're trying to incorporate too much of the whole band arrangement? Might be worth looking at simplifying a bit? The percussive element worked for me.


Posted : 02/08/2010 4:09 pm