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Easy (Ridiculously ...
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Easy (Ridiculously stupid song)

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Warning!!! I've only been playing 7 months and teaching myself from tabs. Yes, it is all power chords (F#, E, A, C, B).

[edit: It's just a skeleton]

I'm intimidated after seeing everyone else's work, but got to start somewhere right? :?

Easy is a way over the top sarcastic song I made while taking a 20min hw break. My rig: $70 squier bullet ->Boss ds-1 -> 15W bass amp -> $10 Wal-Mart Mic.

Looking for tips on making silly, sarcastic, pop-rock.

It should have crunch like the Son Of A Gun cover, but i recorded this late at night in the apartment so I couldn't turn the amp up.

plz im a noob

Posted : 16/09/2005 2:50 am
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I really like this. Its fun. I like the other one too. Keep it up man. Nice guitar playing, for real. Sing louder on the other one, and on this one too. Its great though. Nice voice.

aka Izabella

Posted : 16/09/2005 3:19 am
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Thx alot. There isn't much to either, and i haven't quite figured out the whole voice thing completely. It will be decent/good on one song and horrid on the next.

I've been trying to learn scales, but i've found playing single notes more difficult than chords

plz im a noob

Posted : 17/09/2005 8:08 am