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elpantalla and Smokindog-Riders

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Elpantalla posted his version of riders with acoustic guitar last week. I tried my best to it justice. I added some bass and guitar. I tried to stay out of his way and keep it simple. :D

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Posted : 15/10/2007 11:43 pm
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Wow, I really like the guitar work you did!

Nice job man!

One chord is fine.
Two you're pushing it.
Three and you're into jazz.

Posted : 16/10/2007 1:15 am
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Thanks, I'm really proud that you liked IT :D

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Posted : 16/10/2007 1:25 am
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That was great!

If you wanna try sumptin' like that to mine, I took your advise and changed it to downloadable.

Actually, I was thinking of getting together with you.
Chris C wrote a song with a country flavor.
And I see you with that banjo and all.... 8)

If we can get Chris' permission, I'd be willing to have a go at that.

Zen :wink:

"The man who has begun to live more seriously within
begins to live more simply without"
-Ernest Hemingway

"A genuine individual is an outright nuisance in a factory"
-Orson Welles

Posted : 16/10/2007 2:40 am
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That would be cool, I've helped out with a few other country songs from other GN members. I like my country music on the traditional side, or the Kieth Richards/Rolling stones approach :D
It got up to #9 on the C&W soundclick charts :D

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Posted : 16/10/2007 5:56 pm
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Nice job boys!

"It's all about stickin it to the man!"
It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll!

Posted : 16/10/2007 8:03 pm
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It's the rock that gives the stream its music . . . and the stream that gives the rock its roll.

Posted : 16/10/2007 10:26 pm