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Enmity, full piece ...
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Enmity, full piece done. :)

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Phew, it's done. :D This song took me quite a long time to make, hope anyone likes it. I'm not at all sure if it's a good song but I'm secretly quite proud of it. Don't let that stop you from giving critique, still got lots to learn and everyhelp is much appreciated!

The song is structured into three partand depicts the story of a friendship falling apart. Each part lists about 2:30:

I: A Friendship Forever. The early period, fairly happy and upbeat, but with some underlying tension.
II: A Matter of Opinion. The period during which the friendship falls apart. Big eruptions mixed with brass/woodwind instruments struggling among themselves.
III: Variations on Regret. Looking back at it all, fairly sad and depressed.

Posted : 03/03/2007 9:02 pm
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Very well done.

I like all the different images it conjured up.


Posted : 03/03/2007 9:20 pm
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Man, you did all that yourself?

Well hell, that's some achievemnet - it's a beautiful piece of music, conjures up different moods and feelings all the way through - I've never listened to much classical music, but you got me wanting more....

You never fail to surprise me - but this time you've gone way beyond what I expected....

OK one question though - where'e the guitars?

Only joking mate, lovely piece of music.....secretly proud? Hell, if I could write music like this I'd be shouting about it from the rooftops......

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

Posted : 04/03/2007 12:14 am
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7.30 am sunday morning here just looking at the picture from last nights lunar eclipse..your piece playing as we looked through them ,the setting could not be better...great piece arjen just wondering are you related to any great composers? if you are might ask for your autograph :D smoke


Posted : 04/03/2007 5:33 am
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Thanks Mike, glad you liked it. :)

Vic: Yup, did it all myself. Took me about a full week, writing five pages a day. One day I hopefully will write a rock opera but it's a bit beyond me right now. :D

Smoke: Nope, sorry, not related to any great composers. Not even to a mediocre composer as far as I know. :lol: Glad you liked it!

Posted : 05/03/2007 2:50 am
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hey, this sounds great. I've also been playing with the idea of telling stories using instrumentals. I think i'm going to write a concept album where the whole thing is fairy tales (i've already written little red riding hood) and it is just a fun to try and express a story using only music. This is definetly the most complete thought you've posted.

"And above all, respond to all questions regarding a given song's tonal orientation in the following manner: Hell, it don't matter just kick it off!"
-Chris Thile

Posted : 05/03/2007 3:12 am
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What a wonderful piece of music! Well done.

Hey by the way, I don't know if you've answered this elsewhere, but are you playing the parts and overdubbing or using some sort of software that allows you to score the pieces and then play them back through a midi module of some type? Amazingly realistic instruments!

Good work, keep it going!

Posted : 06/03/2007 1:33 pm
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Dneck: Hey, glad you liked it. :) Definitely go with that idea, did you already post the first one here?

Demo: The last few songs where all played real-tme by me but I found that didn't work here. So I just wrote it all down in Sibelius, including dynamic markers and exported it all directly. I use Garritan Personal Orchestra for the sounds. It's an orchestral (duh) sample library that costs about as much as a Squier affinity strat, anyone interested in classical composition should get it straight away. Ofcourse the final result is just as much dependant on how you orchestrate it so don't judge it merely on this piece. It's capable of a whole lot more. Garritan rocks, by the way. Check out this sample of their new Cello library. This is played by someone in real-time on a keybord, no after-editing applied:
This one also features their Stradivarius library:

Everything, from the bow-intensity, vibrato, slide speed and what not is all user-controllable. The future is amazing. :D Glad you liked it, btw. :)

Posted : 06/03/2007 2:04 pm